Protecting Wildlife

Our Resort is Home to a Natural Sanctuary

Local Nesting Species

Manasota Key is a stunning island and a natural haven to several different nesting species. From sea turtles to shore birds, these species are essential to the island’s incredible ecosystem and rely on our sandy beaches for nesting.

Sharing Our Beaches

Shorebirds and seabirds nest directly on the sand from May to October. Resort staff and guests are committed to protecting these nesting species by minimizing the impact on their beach-front habitats. Noise, light, and nearby activity can all disturb a nesting animal or their babies.

Temporary roping and signage around shorebird areas on the beach provide beach nesting birds a safe zone to protect their eggs. We ask all visitors to respect beach access restrictions during the nesting season so wildlife is not disturbed while nesting or hatching. Please keep any dogs on a leash and far from nesting sites, and dispose of all waste and food properly.

How You Can Protect Wildlife

    Cleaning Up

  • Avoid leaving food behind
  • Dispose of all waste in trash cans
  • Keep dogs on a leash
  • Bring pets to dog-friendly beaches

    Respecting Nests

  • Respect the signs and boundaries protecting nests
  • Avoid artificial lights on the beach at night
  • Do not feed the wildlife
  • Do not touch wildlife or remove vegetation

Species on Manasota Beach

Some of the birds and turtles that nest on Manasota Beach are among the rarest species in the state.

Birds like Snowy Plovers, Wilson’s Plovers, Black Skimmers, and Least Terns, among others, nest in numerous sites along Florida’s Gulf coast. Three species of sea turtles – the Loggerhead, Green Turtle and Kemp’s ridley – that regularly nest on our beaches are listed as threatened or endangered.

Save the Turtles

The best way to help Sea Turtles and other Imperiled Species survive is to participate with roadside, park or beach cleanups in your area, volunteer your time to educate others and contribute to organizations who administer management, educational and research programs.

Another way to help is to purchase the Sea Turtle License Plate or purchase a Sea Turtle Decal.

Help the Turtles
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