Southwest Florida's Beautiful Natural Attractions

A Waterfront Sanctuary

Committed to Conservation

Nature Getaways in Florida

Looking for fun nature things to do in Florida? Discover the beauty of Manasota Key in Southwest Florida. This barrier island is host to an array of birds, marine life, and native plants.

Within a short distance of the resort are peaceful walkways, beaches, and state parks. Guests can enjoy beautiful natural spaces in Florida with beachfront access to the Gulf of Mexico and Lemon Bay. Start planning your trip to explore the best nature spots in Florida.

Florida's Natural Beauty and Wildlife

Expect to see local wildlife throughout your Florida nature vacation. Private beaches are host to sand dunes that act as nesting areas for seabirds, shorebirds and sea turtles. Sit on the Gulf side with a pair of binoculars and watch the pelicans, osprey, egrets, and herons fish the turquoise waters. Depending on when you visit, you may notice turtle nests and baby hatchlings heading to the water. People can often see dolphins playing just offshore.

Local waterways are home to oyster reefs, a critical component to keeping the waterways and native species healthy. From the bay side, explore the mangroves that team with life as Manatees graze on seagrasses along the shore. Nearby Mangrove swamps are dense, low forests home to native birds and Manatees. Fish use their roots as nursery grounds and protection from predators.

Florida Turtle Nesting

Best Places to Visit in Florida for Nature Lovers

Explore nearby Stump Pass Beach, Lemon Bay, and Englewood Beach just a few minutes from the resort. Countless natural places to visit in Florida are just a short bike ride or drive from the resort.

Resort guests enjoy free rentals to get up close with these natural attractions in Florida.

Explore Manasota Key

Sustainable Resort Commitment

Manasota Key Resort is committed to conservation throughout the resort grounds to protect Florida’s natural wonders. We put cleanup stations on the beach to reduce pollution and protect marine life from harm.

Each station includes a reusable basket to collect trash during your day on the beach. Simply grab a basket, begin your beach stroll, and dispose of the debris you collect along the way when you return to the station. Return your basket where you found it so another person can aid in preserving our beaches.

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